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Sam - Macmillan Proghramme Coordinator


       Sam Townsend   







     My job involves engaging anyone who has been affected by cancer in some form of physical activity. Introducing them to new ways to exercise, providing access to and promoting our three health clubs in West Herts and by prescribing appropriate and effective exercise programmes, so people are better able to live well with long term health issues.  We also help by sign posting to external programmes - such as Herts Health Walks - if it’s more appropriate.

     The best part of my job is the people.  I have been privileged to have met some incredible individuals and shared some really special moments with them as they look to rebuild their lives and regain or improve their health.  I have also made some really good friends along the way. 

     I enjoy working for the YMCA because we do things that very few organisations can. The personal nature of our work means we can positively change lives through multiple mediums on many levels. I’m really proud to be part of that.