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     Shaun - Housing Support Worker










     As a Support Worker my primary focus is to support 25 residents on a weekly basis and work with them to find education, employment and training opportunities.  I support with daily issues/tasks, including supporting residents with drug and alcohol issues and to identify move on possibilities.

     The best part of my job is building relationships with the residents and supporting them during their time at the YMCA. Recently, the Housing & Chaplaincy Teams have set up a weekly football session for the residents as a way to build community and offering an opportunity for those to engage and be part of something where they feel comfortable.  I also really enjoy being part of the Housing team and working with experienced colleagues who have encouraged me to develop and always bring a sense of joy to a job which can feel challenging at times.

     I joined the YMCA in September 2014 with the aspiration and commitment to work with people who are homeless and also in a hostel.  At first I felt overwhelmed by the challenge of working in this environment, however all of the Staff have been very supportive and encouraging, which has helped me develop on a personal and professional level.  I am extremely proud of being part of the YMCA family and I am very grateful for the time spent by the staff who have invested their time in me over the past 6 months.