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Holly - Housing Support Assistant



My job involves lots of different things. The tasks differ depending on what day of the week or month it is, and also which part of the Housing Department I am working in!  I provide support for both the Front of House and the Housing Management teams.  When working with the Front of House Staff, I answer the telephones, check students in and out, welcome and direct members of the public, sign prospective members up to the gym and point residents in the right direction.  On days that I am working with the members of the Housing Management Team, I interview applicants for accommodation, provide ongoing support for their applications and input data onto our various systems. 

     The best part of my job is the interaction with our clients.  My days revolve around the residents, applicants, students and members of the public and any help they may need.  Whether it be a quick chat, listening to their poetry, or helping them sort out travel arrangements; no day is ever the same.  

     I enjoy working for the YMCA because I have always felt myself drawn to working with and for others.  The YMCA allows me to work with a vulnerable client base and help build them up for a better future.