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The Abbey Sleep out gives people the opportunity to sleep out and raise awareness of the realities homeless people face on a regular basis. It is also a fundraising event! To help you make the most of the fundraising aspect of this challenge here are some tips and ideas.

If you are using Just Giving make sure your fundraising page is compelling and explains your motivation. What is it that has made you decide to take part in this event? Why is it going to be a real challenge for you? To set up your page click here Make a fundraising page - JustGiving 

Time your donation request right as people are more likely to be generous with their sponsorship after payday!

Don’t forget to ask for Gift Aid as it means more money goes to your charity.

Ask close friends and family to donate first as other people may then match their generosity. Equally, every donation is valuable and donations of all sizes should be encouraged! If you find yourself collecting a lot of cash sponsorship it might be worth getting a separate box or tin to store the sponsorship money safely.

Tell people what your fundraising target is and what their contribution will help achieve for your charity. The YMCA website has some figures which might help you with this!

Add some perspective around a suggested donation e.g. £10 might mean missing a takeaway dinner or a few coffees in the week.

Set yourself small weekly fundraising targets rather than thinking about a daunting total target.

Collect donations before your event – sometimes it can be difficult to collect money following an event, especially if there are people who you don’t see often. Online fundraising pages can make this easier, although not everyone will be online! Download your sponsor form from www.abbeysleepout.org.

Why do it alone? Make a night of it with a group of friends, or do it as a family. Young people can take part too if they are supervised.

If you can’t persuade friends and family to take part get them to spread the word about your fundraising too – they’ll be keen to help you get more sponsors. You could ask them to host a cake sale or car boot in aid of your challenge!

Mention your fundraising event in your answerphone messages, email signatures, notice boards, anywhere you can! YMCA have a video story which you can share and send to potential sponsors - https://vimeo.com/144010276. Stories can make it easier for people to understand the benefits of sponsoring you!