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Before joining the Y’z Up course 18-year-old Tyler had been sentenced to 7 years in a Young Offenders Institute for Armed Robbery.

Y’z Up is a six week course that helps young people belong to a group through team building and conflict resolution skills before showing them ways they can contribute to the community, through a range of local projects that help others.

Tyler says “I’m not proud of what I done and I do not mix with the same people any longer. As part of the Y’z Up course, I attended an away day where I took part in an obstacle course and learnt how to push through my comfort zone. I made new friends, have grown in confidence and feel more motivated to improve my future.”

The course provides participants with a nationally recognised qualification, interview practice, CV writing and work experience as well as one-to-one coaching sessions to help them make the transition into employment or education. Tyler started a part-time job immediately after the Y’z Up course finished and can now live more independently without relying on benefits.
“I have enjoyed being on Y’z Up better than any course I have done. This is the first course I have stuck to and got a certification. I would recommend any young person struggling with life to sign up.” Tyler