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Mark's Story

After the relationship with his wife broke down irretrievably, Mark became a resident at YMCAs Welwyn Garden City Hostel.

Mark’s options had included moving to another area to live with friends. However he wanted to remain close to his three children who live locally, as playing an active role in their lives was important to him.

Emily's Story

Emily, aged 13 moved to Hertfordshire with her family and was finding it difficult to meet people and make friends at her new school. She could not afford to take part in the youth activities around the area, so spent most evenings at home watching television, which often left her feeling lonely.

Mike's Story

Mike became a resident at YMCA’s Welwyn Garden City Hostel as a result of a family breakdown that had forced him out of the family home, leaving him without a place to live. Moving out from home for the first time was a daunting prospect, but with the help and support of our YMCA housing team Mike quickly became more self-dependant.

Family Support

YMCA Nurseries are a secure, safe and caring environment where working parents feel happy to leave their children. As you are about to read, some of the families we support come from very difficult circumstances.