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Lee & Lindsey's Story

Only 8 months ago we were two healthy, fit and young(ish) people with a young family busy planning a new life abroad. We had rented out our house and packed up our things...

Andy's Story

Andy was referred to the YMCA Hostel by a Youth Worker from one of our community projects after he confided that he had been kicked out of home by his parents and was sleeping on a friend's sofa. Aged 18 he was known to be using drugs and he regularly drank excessive amounts of alcohol.

Jordan's Story

I embarked on an apprenticeship with YMCA. I’m based at the Orbital Community Centre and am currently completing a level 2 NVQ in Business and Administration.

Mick's Story

In 2006 I became homeless through no fault of my own when my sister stopped paying our rent, despite me giving her money each week.

Sarah's Story

16-year-old Sarah’s journey began with YMCA through a partnership with Signpost, which provided a weekly support group for local young people who are awaiting or receiving counselling.

Jamie's Story

Jamie is a typical 19-year-old, he loves Heavy Metal music, he smokes, he is an avid user of social networking sites and he slightly overweight. Jamie is also blind and has cerebral palsy, which limits the use of his left side.

Sandra's Story

When Sandra, aged 29, arrived at Space her self-esteem had taken a few knocks. She had been made redundant from her office job 18 months before and was unable to find permanent work. All this had left her feeling depressed.

Mark's Story

After the relationship with his wife broke down irretrievably, Mark became a resident at YMCAs Welwyn Garden City Hostel.

Mark’s options had included moving to another area to live with friends. However he wanted to remain close to his three children who live locally, as playing an active role in their lives was important to him.

Mary's Story

Mary aged 17, was given the opportunity to work across a number of its teams across YMCA as part of the Government's Entry to Employment scheme (E2E). During this time she was asked if she would like to volunteer at the nursery because of her previous childcare experience.

Emily's Story

Emily, aged 13 moved to Hertfordshire with her family and was finding it difficult to meet people and make friends at her new school. She could not afford to take part in the youth activities around the area, so spent most evenings at home watching television, which often left her feeling lonely.