Adrian moved into YMCA as an under 18’s placement two years ago from Hertfordshire County Council. Adrian became a Child In Need when his mother moved to Spain.

Adrian was already working full-time as a pharmacy assistant and was demonstrating the ability to manage his finances from a young age and budget accordingly.

Adrian was open and honest when speaking with support staff, his social worker and employer regarding experimenting and using cannabis when he was younger. This disclosure led to Adrian’s employer requesting he carry out a drug test, the cost of which he had to cover himself. The test results came back as negative, but after this Adrian began to suffer from anxiety and stress at work which sadly led to him resigning.

Adrian received a lot of support from the support team at YMCA, his social worker and external agencies to help reduce and manage his anxiety and stress and he has been making a lot of progress. When Adrian resigned he had the option to apply for Employment and Support Allowance, however he chose not to and remained determined to search actively for a job and return to paid employment. Last spring Adrian completed a 12-week traineeship course at Stansted Airport which has given him the confidence to look for full time employment again.

When Adrian turned 18, he was offered an assured shorthold tenancy with YMCA and has continued to demonstrate his ability to manage his finances and fully engage with support staff to maintain his tenancy.

Adrian received a nomination with East Herts Council and has now successfully moved in to permanent accommodation.