Marcin and Katya accessed the centre for the first time by attending the “Birth, Bumps and Baby Stuff” programme back at the beginning of 2016. Both mum-and-dad-to-be were very nervous but also excited at the prospect of meeting their new baby very soon.

Not long after Piotr was born, Katya come to the centre very distressed and in need of support with her new son. She was finding it very hard to adjust to breastfeeding and a new way of life as a family.

We immediately put in the support needed, this involved the YMCA staff reassuring her that it was okay to feel this way as a new parent, we helped to ensure that she was feeding Piotr correctly, but we were very concerned about her mental well-being. While Katya was being comforted, another member of staff called the health team to express our concerns, an appointment was made for a home visit to take place by the health visitor the next day.

During the week we called Katya to make sure that she was coping but also to let her know we were there if she needed us. The following week Katya again came to the centre to have Piotr weighed; it was then that she disclosed that her husband had not bonded with their son and that he had been left traumatised following the birth. Katya took our advice and the following week brought Marcin to the centre and we were able to speak with him plus get the support that he needed as he was suffering from post natal depression.

The YMCA team and other professionals worked hard to bring this family together and one year down the line the family have now moved to a new area.