Seda has 4 children aged 12 years, 10 years, 4 years and 1 year old. Seda was living with her 4 children and husband within the local area. Seda and her family have been working with the children’s centre since February 2017. Initially, a referral was made to Children’s Services after an incident where Seda was found to be under the influence of alcohol whilst the children were in her care. A “Child in Need” (CIN) Plan was put in place in March 2017.

In April 2017, Seda decided to separate from her husband which meant that her mental health deteriorated. This also meant that her relationship with alcohol increased.

The children’s centre has supported the family with the following activities:

  • Universal sessions such as Stay and Play and Rhyme Time
  • Cookery Sessions
  • Freedom Programme (domestic abuse)
  • Triple R run by Safer Places
  • Parenting Puzzle
  • About Boys Course

Seda’s mental health deteriorated after the separation from her husband. Children’s Services identified the need for Seda to be supported in this area. YMCA was able to provide this support through a member of the team who is a trained Counsellor. By accessing this service within her local area, Seda was able to identify triggers which meant that she relied on alcohol. She was also able to discuss issues around her father passing away as well as her separation from her partner. Seda has informed professionals at the CIN Meetings that she feels that she is benefitting from the Counselling as she is able to address issues from her past and present.

The initial referral to a counsellor would have meant an extensive wait for Seda to be seen. By identifying a YMCA Counsellor who could see Seda within her local community without a waiting list meant that she could engage with this service promptly. The children’s centre were able to provide for this service which meant that a parent on a low income could address her wellbeing. By addressing her poor mental health, Seda was able to spend quality time with her children and prioritise their needs before her own.