David was asked to leave the family home because of conflicts with his father. This caused the onset of depression and anxiety, meaning he had to give up his studies at University and has struggled to believe that he can achieve anything in life. This also left him without a home.

Since moving into the YMCA last year, David has had numerous counselling sessions and his confidence has grown. He has pursued his keen sporting interest by regularly attending our Gym and has carried out numerous runs and cycle rides for local charities, as part of his contribution to the community.

David managed to qualify for a British Triathlon Elite race in Israel and was supported by the YMCA with a personal training routine and funds to enable him to compete in this event. The race format comprises a 1500 metre swim, 40 kilometre cycle race and 10 kilometre run making the achievement of finishing in 8th place all the more impressive!

Although struggling with his depression and a difficult past, David has put a lot of effort into his training and moving forward towards greater independence. Many YMCA staff have worked alongside David to help him thrive in our Hostel, actively engage with his support plan, budget effectively and grow in confidence. A short while ago, David moved out of the YMCA, lives locally and can often be seen cycling the streets of Watford.