Emily, aged 13 moved to Hertfordshire with her family and was finding it difficult to meet people and make friends at her new school. She could not afford to take part in the youth activities around the area, so spent most evenings at home watching television, which often left her feeling lonely.

Emily found out about YMCA through a friend, who took her along to one of our free after school youth sessions. Emily got the opportunity to take part in fun group activities and meet new people from different schools. She says that YMCA has helped to build her confidence while giving her a place that she can meet with her friends every evening after school.

One YMCA provides these sessions free of charge so that people like Emily can get the support they need and have a safe place to chat with friends and play games. The young people that attend the sessions have access to a range of recreational and educational equipment, such as the table football and laptops. The easy access to laptops and the internet make it an ideal learning resource as well as a fun youth centre.