YMCA Nurseries are a secure, safe and caring environment where working parents feel happy to leave their children. As you are about to read, some of the families we support come from very difficult circumstances.

Through the launch of our Community Contribution Scheme we have proudly been able to support six families – nine children – with totally free childcare over a year.

On New Year’s Eve, whilst 7 months pregnant, Lily’s mum Gemma suffered a brain aneurysm and small stroke. At very short notice we were able to provide consistent childcare arrangements for 2-year-old Lily for two days a week.

After major brain surgery and a long stay in hospital, Gemma slowly started to make an incredible recovery and Lily’s baby brother was born safe and well.

Another family, the Tarfas, came to our nursery via one of the YMCA’s Children’s Centres. With 2-year-old twins, a 9-monthold baby and a partner so ill with chronic Crohn’s disease he was unable to work, Edna was almost at breaking point. YMCA was able to offer all three children a nursery place each Monday and Friday. Having the children at nursery for two days a week has made a real difference to the whole family. Allowing Mum to return to work part-time and Dad to rest and recover in peace and quiet.

“Without this help I do not know what I would have done and how I would have coped.” Gemma

“We will forever be grateful to everyone at the YMCA Nursery who helped us through this trying time, God bless you all.” Edna