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What can you gain from a partnership with One YMCA?

One YMCA is all about providing supportive services in the local community where you live. We want all young people and vulnerable groups, to belong, contribute and thrive.

Against the backdrop of a rather challenging time in the U.K. with the impact of Brexit, the Coronavirus pandemic and recession, there has never been a more crucial time to get involved and give back to the community.

Our youth and young people are the next generation of leaders and contributors in our society, and we want to support them, so they reach their full potential in Body, Mind and Spirit. By partnering with One YMCA, in a way that suits your organisation you are investing in local people, and brighter futures.

What can One YMCA offer me?

One YMCA can also offer you:

  • Partnership with a nationally recognised and respected brand, that will help to boost
    the reputation of your organisation
  • Coverage on our internal and external communications including website and social
    media channels
  • Tailored and supportive volunteering opportunities for your employees within our
  • If you choose to sponsor or support a certain project, for example a new supported
    housing development, you will have exclusive access to updates and be credited as
    a funding partner

How do I get involved?

Please email us on [email protected] or complete our form below.

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