One YMCA’s goal is do more and better by doubling our impact by 2025!

As part of our team, you are key to making that happen. With your help, we will be raising money and supporting Project Resilience to protect and support some of the most vulnerable people in your community throughout the pandemic.

We are so excited to offer charity places to a team of One YMCA stars and we will support you throughout your marathon journey to make this an event to remember!

£15 registration fee + £300 Fundraising Pledge

Thinking of WALKING it?

“I was never going to be able to run a marathon last year, but I still wanted to do something challenging. I can’t tell you how amazing that day was and the emotions I felt when walking this route I had planned from my house to central London. I listened to happy music, podcasts about pushing yourself and it just motivated me on.

I had the app in my ear cheering me on at each mile (WOW how I loved that!) and the many other walkers/ runners passing me on route with a wave and a ‘You can do it!’.

It was tough but I had accomplished something massive and I will always remember that day.

I managed to raise just over £1,000 and I am so proud of myself” Becca

Let's walk it!

Got a ballot place?

Lucky you! We would love to have you join our team. Get in touch and take on the marathon with One YMCA!

Are you crazy enough to RUN it?

“I only really got into running back in 2012 when someone said the immortal words “I bet you can’t” in relation to a local half-marathon event. Being ever so slightly (emphasis on ‘ever so’) competitive I took on the challenge like a pro. Ok, an ever so slightly chunky and middle-aged pro, but like a pro none-the-less.

Nine years later and I’m still at it and although still a little chunky, and almost a decade older, I keep on running. In fact, I’m now somewhat addicted to it and have added trail running / mountain races and full marathons to my original “I bet you can’t” staple half-marathons.

Although I do now cover 100 miles a month as a means to feed my addiction (there’s worse ones I guess) you certainly don’t need to do anything like that to get into running” Mark

Let's run it!

Supporting you every step of the way…

By joining our team, not only will you be supporting your local community to belong, contribute and thrive, but you’ll also benefit from:

A One YMCA training top (when you reach £100 fundraising)

An online fundraising pack

Training advice

Regular support to keep you on track

VMLM running number

After event: Official finisher medal and T-shirt post event.

Feel like speaking to someone first?

Our team are here to help you. Please feel free to get in touch by emailing [email protected] or phone 07936938374

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