Lower Back Crunch

An easy exercise to support the lower back

When thinking about daily life and exercising, one of the key areas of our body we should be working on and keeping safe, is the lower back.

The lower back plays a key role in supporting and stabilizing the body, but unfortunately is an area that can be injured quite easily if correct technique and precaution is not taken when performing certain exercises that involve working through the hips like the Deadlift. With that in mind an easy and incredibly accessible exercise everyone can perform to help aid back strength, is the Lower Back Crunch.This exercise works by raising both legs into the air and squeezing the muscles in your lower back to strengthen them.

It also serves as a fantastic position to help teach gym users about correct posture. We ask those performing the movement to keep their shoulder pulled back (this can be done by raising the chest slightly off the floor in the starting position) and also raising their chest further off the ground to force a lower back muscular squeeze from the top end of the body too.

Once the muscles have been contracted, the individual slowly and in a controlled manner, lowers themselves back to the starting position and repeats again normally doing 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Give this easy yet very useful exercise a go and as always if you have any questions, please ask the Fitness Team who will be more than happy to help!


Step 1

Step 2

By Igor Kharin (Fitness Supervisor)