The Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian Deadlift is a hip hinging exercise designed to challenge individuals in maintaining core and back stability while moving into a bent over position, stretching the hamstring and then driving back into an upright position, squeezing the buttocks upon full extension.

This exercise has many layered benefits but people shy away from the movement because of the requirement to learn precise technique and movement pattern before attempting to do it weight loaded.

Once technique has been taught properly an individual learns the ability to pull their shoulders back into a stable position, contract their latissimus dorsi muscles (big muscles in the side of the back commonly referred to as Lats) which keep your spine neutral and safe, hinge through the hip to bend forward while maintaining neutral back and also activate their glutes effectively when standing tall.

The Romanian Deadlift is an excellent example of a functional movement that creates strength and teaches individuals how to move their body properly and safely. Mastering the hip hinge, transforming it into the Romanian Deadlift and strengthening these parts of the body are essential for developing strength and mobility.

By Igor Kharin.