Before participating in this programme we need to calculate your 1Rep Max using a weight you can do on each of the following exercises; squat, over head press, bench & deadlift. You should be using a weight so you can preform 6 reps with good form.


1Rep max formula –

6 reps x weight used x 0.033 + weight used = new 1RM

Use 90% of your 1RM as a Training Max on a calculator, example – 120kg x 0.9 = 108kg


Determining Your 1RM for Beginners

Powerlifting is a pure strengths sport that focuses on the three King compound movements; The Squat, Bench & Deadlift which are the order of lifts in a competition setting.

Creating a beginners programme can be complex unless you know the training percentages from your ‘One Rep Max’ (1RM) fro each of the lifts. Training percentages are used to created sets & rep schemes and are a good indictor of tracking your progress.

The safest way to determine your 1RM is to perform a 6rep max on each of the lifts. I say 6reps for beginners as it’s not too heavy to break down good form and as 3reps for beginners is risky as your muscles are not yet conditioned to handle that type of poundage.  Once you have your 6RM use this formula


1Rep max formula –

6reps x weight used x 0.033 + weight used = new 1RM

6 x 100 x 0.033 + 100 = 119

1RM = 119kg


Happy Lifting