Summer is on it’s way! Here are a few nutrition tips to get in shape this Summer!

Eat a high protein, high fat breakfast

The reason for this is that animal fat increases a hormone called dopamine. Dopamine, in simple terms excites the brain and turns it on, providing you with more energy and concentration. It also makes you less likely to have energy slumps. Eating a high protein and fat breakfast instead of a high sugar breakfast will also aid in the reduction of body fat and help in the creation of lean muscle mass.

Take Omega 3

Taking omega3 per day can see up to 3% reduction in body fat in 2 weeks. Omega3 makes us more insulin sensitive helping reduce the amount of body fat being stored and it increases our energy levels. Omega3 is also a very powerful cortisol (stress hormone) reducer, therefore reducing body fat on the lower abs. It also helps in improving quality of sleep.

Daily Protein

If you do not consume enough protein you will not achieve that perfect body you have always wanted, it’s as simple as that. Put it this way: your body needs protein regardless if you eat it or not, so if you do not eat enough your body goes to the next available protein source, muscle mass. Your body will start breaking down its own muscle to feed itself. The minimal amount of protein that should be consumed per day, for both males and females (this is minimal), is 1g of protein per 1 lb of body weight.

Green Vegetables

Only if our ancestors could see us now! Vegetables hold lots of essential vitamins and minerals that we need. It only takes one vitamin or mineral deficiency to stop our gym results all together. Every meal of the day should consist of some sort of green veg. My favourites are: kale, spinach, broccoli and asparagus.