Mike became a resident at YMCA’s Welwyn Garden City Hostel as a result of a family breakdown that had forced him out of the family home, leaving him without a place to live. Moving out from home for the first time was a daunting prospect, but with the help and support of our YMCA housing team Mike quickly became more self-dependant.

While living at the YMCA Hostel Mike was giving the opportunity to take part in some extraordinary experiences such as visiting the United Nations in Geneva to address the Human Rights Council in a debate about youth justice.

Mike started to attend YMCA youth sessions as a participant and decided he wanted to contribute more to the sessions by volunteering. Within 8 months Mike applied for a YMCA youth worker position and now works full time helping young people.

Mike says, “this experience has developed me as a person and helped me become who I am today. I’m more confident now than I ever was before, I’ve learnt how to cook for myself, budget for my living expenses and I’ve found a job that I love. YMCA has taught me that living alone doesn’t have to be scary.”

YMCA have journeyed with Mike through a difficult time, and helped him out along the way, but most importantly Mike has developed independence and confidence that he can use for whatever challenges arise in the future.

“the experience has developed me as a person and helped me become who I am today.” Mike