16-year-old Sarah’s journey began with YMCA through a partnership with Signpost, which provided a weekly support group for local young people who are awaiting or receiving counselling.

Sarah felt she belonged to the group straight away and within a few months she had taken a lead role in a group project where young people planned their own events and created a film to promote the services of Signpost within schools.

Sarah moved out of her comfort zone by speaking on camera in a one-to-one interview where she explained openly about her own personal experiences and her journey through counselling. This experience has built Sarah’s confidence and self-esteem, giving her a voice to express her views and empowering her to share her story in the hope that more young people will have the confidence to access counselling.

“YMCA and Signpost are both local to me, they give me somewhere to come every week to talk and take part in lots of different activities.” Sarah