16 – 18 Year Old Asylum Seekers

Based in Stevenage, both of our four-bedroomed houses offer a safe environment with 24-hour support for young asylum seekers aged 16-18.

Our shared houses offer a family-style environment for young people seeking asylum. We provide a safe space to sleep, as well as an environment where they can cook, eat, and socialise. Twenty four hour support means young people in our shared houses can access practical help as well as emotional and spiritual support through our Chaplaincy team.

Why is this needed?

Children seeking asylum have no responsible adult to care for them. They are often escaping trauma and face unique issues alongside the challenges faced by every young person without a home. One YMCA works in partnership with the Hertfordshire County Council children’s services who have a gateway duty for assessing the needs of all asylum-seeking children under seventeen.

The shared houses have a specialist team of support workers who work alongside each young person to help them navigate the various outside agencies such as the Home Office and welfare referral.

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