Our Watford Hostel is committed to promoting personal and social development for every resident by providing support, accommodation, resettlement and safety.

Resettlement begins during the early stages of support. Successful applicants will be allocated a key worker on arrival who will work with them to overcome any barriers they may face on the path to resettlement.

Each resident has their own room, sharing a shower and toilet with their next door neighbour and breakfast and an evening meal are provided. The hostel is staffed 24 hours a day and rooms are cleaned Monday to Friday. The resident communal area has a computer room, pool table, television and coffee bar and all residents have access to our in-house gym

To help integrate our residents and promote social inclusion we have regular social events including fellowship meetings, coffee mornings, quizzes, bowling alley and cinema trips, and various days out around London.

We offer a range of training courses such as computer skills, cooking and first-aid. Our STEP programme is also available to our hostel residents, providing vocational training, work experience and paid employment within one of our service areas.

Applying for housing

YMCA is unable to provide direct access for potential residents. All applicants are asked to attend an interview with a member of our housing team and complete an application. Staff are happy to assist any applicant that has difficulties completing the form. Applicants must:

  • be from Hertfordshire and/or have a local connection
  • be aged between 18 and 59 years old
  • be able to supply proof  of  a low income or receiving state benefits
  • a Police criminal record check
  • be able to supply a professional character reference on headed paper

Applicants with convictions for violence, sex offences, arson, or possession of drugs with intent to supply are unlikely to be offered accommodation; however their applications will still be considered on an individual basis.<

For more information please phone the Watford Housing Team on 01923 353 600

Contact Us

T: 01923 353 600    E: housingwatford@oneymca.org