Get On Board

Get On Board supports young people’s journey to becoming full Board members at their YMCA.

YMCAs have always delivered activities that benefit young people. Over time there has been a positive shift towards programmes that benefit young people and are designed for and by young people. Valuing and actively seeking young people’s voices at every stage of planning, delivery and evaluation of our activities and services ensures they are tailored to and relevant for young people. As well as this, it empowers young people to feel that they belong, can contribute meaningfully and, through this thrive and grow.

The next natural extension to youth-led programmes is to directly bring young people’s voices, viewpoints, and ideas to the Board rooms of YMCAs, where their input can have even greater tangible benefits to the YMCA movement and the young people we serve.

Representation in the Board room is paramount to responding to the complex challenges that affect our increasingly diverse population. Many Boards of charities, companies and organisations are controlled by a narrow demographic, often unrepresentative of those they seek to serve. Get On Board looks to level the playing field and encourage, prepare, and support young people in the Boardroom of YMCAs.


Are you interested in becoming a Partner YMCA or a Young Trustee?

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Young Trustees (aged 18-30) Partner YMCAs
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