Inspired by and faithful to our Christian values, One YMCA provides emotional and spiritual support to Service Users, Staff and Volunteers through the Chaplaincy Team. Chaplains journey with people through life, their faith enabling them to share the hope they have.

The Chaplaincy team exists to provide emotional and spiritual support to staff, volunteers, residents and service users across the charity. We do this mainly by providing a confidential and non-judgmental “listening ear”. Our support is open to everyone.

‘I have received support from the Chaplaincy Team on a number of occasions and it was a huge help for me.  It was such a relief to know I could speak confidentially to someone about issues at work, someone giving me the time and space to talk made a big difference and made me feel like I wasn’t dealing with things on my own.  It gave me a chance to get the thoughts out of my head and start thinking of practical solutions and ways of dealing with issues one by one.  Throughout the process the Chaplain created a space for me which was non-judgemental and was open for me to come back to as many times as I needed.’ Lauren* – YMCA Colleague
Part of our role for the organisation is to seek God’s will and purpose for our work. YMCA has benefited from countless hours of prayer from local people and we meet regularly to pray with Church Leaders and others. We are always seeking to build deeper relationships with Churches and organisations across the area, and work with people in new and innovative ways. We welcome opportunities to share with congregations directly about our work.

We are thankful for the practical support that our volunteer team give in so many ways, to so many people across YMCA. From visiting people when they move out of the Hostel, providing a ‘listening ear’ to people experiencing bereavement or poor mental health, to praying with colleagues, their help and care is vital and deeply appreciated. If you feel that you could be part of this amazing ministry, click here (takes you through to Chaplaincy Volunteering page) to find out more.

If you would like to talk to someone about the deeper issues in life, need a listening ear, or to find out more about how we partner with Churches, please contact a member of our team:

Matt Penny – Chaplaincy Team Leader  / 07779 298 283

Chris Moffat – Chaplain / 07468 717 661