Inspired by and faithful to our Christian values, One YMCA provides emotional and spiritual support to Service Users, Staff and Volunteers through the Chaplaincy Team. Chaplains journey with people through life, their faith enabling them to share the hope they have.

Many of our volunteer Chaplains support Hostel Residents, providing crucial care to people experiencing the challenge of homelessness. They do this by supporting people individually or through groups (like our Life Journey Course), usually on a weekly basis. We have Chaplains available during the day and in the evenings. Training and ongoing support is provided to the whole team.


‘A really big thank you to the Chaplaincy Team, I couldn’t have done it without them.’ Natalie* – YMCA Ex-Resident

Our Chaplains offer a real variety of support, so we’ve given you a flavour of what you could be involved in below.

We are also in need of experienced administrators to give their time to support the team, enabling us to be more present with people in need.

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We currently need your help in our Hostels to…

Offer a non-judgemental listening ear

Having someone to simply listen without jumping in with their thoughts or feelings means a lot. Chaplains make themselves available to do this, enabling people to share freely. As part of their role Chaplains offer prayer which is appreciated by many of our Service Users and Colleagues

In this role you would be working alongside other volunteers in our Hostels such as Café Hosts, helping to provide holistic support in body, mind and spirit. Our Chaplains often support people in crisis whether bereavement or poor mental health, for which we offer training. Your Chaplaincy Line Manager would meet with you regularly to offer 1:2:1 support and you are a part of a larger volunteer Chaplaincy team.


‘From someone who’s never really been involved in the church, I expected a retreat with the Chaplaincy to be full of religion and praying every hour of the day! However, this was not the case – there were lots of different activities to take part in, and most enjoyable time was had by all. I found it brought me a lot of peace, and helped me to put things in the right order in my brain!!’ Margaret* – Hostel Resident


Facilitate a life-changing group

One of the ways Chaplains help people answer life’s big questions is through facilitating group sessions. We believe that by journeying together with our Service Users, we all learn more about life, faith and hope. Here are some of the groups that our Team provide…

Life to the Full Course: Supporting our Hostel Residents who are ready to make positive life changes, this small group is open to people whatever their beliefs. The Group Facilitators enable people to explore the barriers they face, their feelings and hopes for the future, in a safe and caring environment. All our groups get together on a short Retreat, based on Christian Spirituality with opportunity for prayer, reflection and fun. Full training and ongoing support is provided.

Exploring Christian Spirituality: Our team offer a variety of opportunities including; Songs of the Soul (praise songs, creative activities and testimony), Bible study and Prayer Clinics. These are all about supporting people where they are at in life, without judgement, whilst sharing the hope of the Christian faith.


Help us Celebrate and Remember

A vital part of the Chaplaincy offer is helping people take part in Easter and Christmas activities, alongside offering times for the whole YMCA to gather such as Summer BBQs, just to enjoy being together. Our Chaplains also provide Services at difficult times, like ‘Time to Remember,’ an opportunity to think about loved ones at Christmas. We support all our Team to put these activities on, giving support and guidance.


Role Description: Chaplain


Enable our work through administrative support

As the Chaplaincy Team grows, we need some amazing people to give their time to support our staff and volunteers reach more people with help and hope.

Our amazing volunteer Chaplaincy Administrators help us to; keep in touch with local Church prayer partners, create posters for Team Activities, arrange transport and materials for our Life Journey Retreats and accurately record the impact on how the Team is changing lives. There is of course much to it than this!

The right people will have some experience working within a confidential setting, handling sensitive data and be available during the working day to attend our Watford Hostel site.


Role Description: Chaplaincy Administrator


Additional Chaplaincy Roles

A number of people carry out other volunteer roles as a way of living out their faith. All our Accommodation Support Roles are supported by the Chaplaincy Team. Click here to find out more.