“I have been coming to Airplay for a number of years as my family have been stationed here for a while but are due to move in the next 12 months. I recently found out that I have a fainting illness and was worried about fainting at the youth club.”

“I also found it difficult talking to other people about my condition and started avoiding going to Airplay. Before, I had always enjoyed being part of the youth club and would tell my friends how great it was. I started receiving counselling at school and the youth team at Airplay were told about my condition. The workers helped me to open up and feel safe at the youth club again.

They reassured me and told me that I was a valuable member of the group. Staff gave me space to talk and I was able to tell them about how my illness was impacting me. At first, I was embarrassed to be receiving counselling but now I can see the difference it has made and I would like to help others. Now I will often chat to Airplay staff about how I am getting on. I am regularly attending Airplay again, and I invite my friends along too. I’m also involved with the youth forum again and I’m helping with plans for a relaxation and chill out room for everyone.”

“I love that we can come to Airplay and just talk to any of the staff and that they listen to us.”

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