Mission 25

Welcome to 2020 – the start of a new decade in which we want to do more and better – doubling our impact by 2025.

We are learning, communicating, getting creative, presenting, implementing and developing what doubling our impact looks like for #TeamOneYMCA over the next five years!

From launching 15 minutes into the new decade, to the initial interest and high volume of ambassador applications to the inspiring strategy away event in Tewksbury, to presenting and winning over our Trustees, to filming 40,000 millimetres above ground level, to the concept champions instilling belief in their chosen projects and for those projects to now be implemented and have significant positive impact across our organisation!

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We will create a youth venue that leads the way in ensuring the most positive connection possible with young people.  An environment, with the right facilities, format and opportunity to engage will enable young people to belong, contribute and thrive like never before, supporting them to double their opportunities in life, helping them to change, develop and ‘achieve their full potential.’



We want our staff and volunteers to feel valued and proud to work for our Charity.  “Project Us” will have a primary focus of developing the body, mind and spirit of our people in order for them to achieve their desires and aspirations both personally and professionally.  “Mission 25 Hours” will provide workplace shadowing opportunities, equipping our people with enhanced knowledge and understanding of all areas of our Charity enabling Mission 25 projects to thrive and succeed in doubling our impact.



By developing our Charity’s response to supporting primary aged children, we will double the number of opportunities for them to belong, contribute and thrive. A broad and holistic approach that is fun, purposeful and appealing for young children will complete a pathway of support that compliments other services within our Charity.



Our mission is to develop transformative group work that our service users and team can connect into, helping us all to reach our potential in mind, body and spirit. We believe that by connecting staff, volunteers, services users and partners together towards this goal, we will enrich, innovate and multiply our group work, doubling our impact in people’s lives and increasing the number of people we reach.



A renewed focus on improving our digital solutions will springboard us to new heights in doubling our impact over the next five years. We will embed new ways of working by implementing innovative solutions that will help our staff do more and better together!



By doubling the number of volunteer hours, we will unlock the potential of our supporters helping our charity do more and better together. We will be the charity of choice where people come to learn, fulfil their volunteering desires and to develop their full potential in body, mind and spirit!



We will double our impact by creating better places where people can work, live, exercise and engage better than ever before. Through the creation of environments and facilities that make them proud to belong, contribute and thrive, we will motivate people to be at the ‘Top of their Game’ in everything they do!



We will double the amount of lives we change and futures we improve by developing potential and developing people. Through the creation of a sector leading training and development solution that supports the needs of those who we support will enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations helping them to develop fully in ‘body, mind and spirit.’



We will double the amount of people we help by making homes of the right type, in the right place and at the right cost through the effective identification of need within existing and new groups of individuals, types of housing and specialist areas. Our involvement will support a doubling of the number of vulnerable people we are able to support to ‘live life to the full’ within their community!



We will halve our negative impact on the environment by doubling our focus and commitment to do more and better, together to innovatively reuse, reduce and recycle across all areas and activities of the organisation. This will create a cleaner, safer and more sustainable place for us to all ‘belong, contribute and thrive’ in our daily lives!