We provide safe, affordable places to live that feel like home and focus on community spirit and togetherness. Our approach to support is based on strengths, and our residents are always at the centre of their own support plans. The support they receive reflects their aspirations to access education, training, employment and volunteering, their future housing needs, and addresses any physical and mental wellbeing needs. Our aim is to empower residents to gain the tools and skills that enable stability, independent living, promising futures, and connection to their communities.

Currently, we provide housing services and supported living across 12 different districts in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire and we are constantly looking to expand this to help even more vulnerable people in the community, changing and saving their lives.


Three Rivers

East Herts




North Herts


Welwyn Hatfield


High Wycombe 


The dynamic pathway to independence is a seamless, continuous movement towards independence with each rough sleeper taking a journey which is planned out on a person centric basis towards full independence, which isis split into 5 distinct phases.

By seamlessly connecting these stages together, we are able to support each individual who in some cases have been trapped in the same cycle of homelessness for between 5-10 years on a journey towards true independence where they can contribute to the community around them. Building skills and learning basic human

Initial Intensive Transitional Step Down Move On

Although the Dynamic Pathway to Independence is perfect for the majority of rough sleepers, there was a small cohort of people who didn’t fit in with the shared/co-living arrangements. This is where we introduced our Housing First model and we now have 25 units of Housing First in Watford, as well as Aylesbury and High Wycombe.

Housing First
nights of safe and secure sleep provided
vulnerable individuals supported to escape rough-sleeping and avoid homelessness
residents moved on into settled accommodation
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