CLL is a type of leukaemia that affects the white blood cells, causing too many “immature” or “abnormal” cells to form, taking up space that could be occupied by healthy cells. It is a slow-developing cancer meaning that it can go for months unnoticed.

After his diagnosis, Dave scoured the Macmillan website for information and things that he could do locally to improve the state of his health, when he came across Move More Herts. Once his referral was received he was put in touch for a YMCA consultation.

“I have always had a bit of a preconception about gyms and places of exercise. I felt a bit apprehensive until I met Laura, who showed me five exercises that I was perfectly capable of doing. My main motivation was to prepare myself for the chemotherapy I may have to have in the future.

I am now getting a real taste for it and having lost six kilos in just over three months I can feel my body is in a better condition. I am now doing more exercises in the gym each time and try to get something done each day, even if I can’t manage my whole programme. Most importantly I have now been told by my nurse that the chemotherapy can be put off for a while!”

Dave attends the centre every weekday that he can. He has made exercise a routine part of his life and is reaping the rewards. We hope that his hard work will reduce the side-effects of his chemo when it does come along, and we are sure he will conquer that, just like he has conquered exercise.

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