New research released today by YMCA paints a stark picture of the challenges and harsh truth imposed by the ongoing cost of living crisis, particularly affecting young individuals in supported housing.

The report uncovers the testimonies and remarkable resilience of young residents who live precariously through relentless financial pressures, and how the hope of overcoming these challenges is diminishing daily.

Their struggles, such as food insecurity, inability to afford basic utilities, and restricted access to transportation for school or work, are driving a significant decline in mental health and general wellbeing. These young people are forced into dire choices between essential needs every day, a situation that demands our immediate attention and action.

Guy Foxell, One YMCA CEO, said: “Having spent my entire life working with young people, it’s always been clear that, while trying to find their feet and determine their adult futures, they sadly also bear the brunt of negative social and economic fallout…not to mention poor policy decisions. This new YMCA research highlights the sheer scale and unfairness of the challenges young people are facing – and should spur us all into action to do more to safeguard their futures! If you are interested in partnering with us to expand our fantastic work with young people – please get in touch!”

Read the report below:

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